As a burrito lover, you will be very lucky if you don’t miss an opportunity or get Chipotle Free Burrito Coupon. Then, what do you feel if you can enjoy the free Burrito for a year? Amazing offer for you, You must think that it is just a dream. No, it’s not a dream  But, this can happen by taking part in Chipotle Survey.

Don’t worried about that how You can get this great reward??? It’s very easy and simple by taking part in a Chipotle survey you can get this great reward It is so simple.

You have to spend a little time to complete the Chipotle survey. Then, you will get a golden opportunity to win this Burrito coupon. After completing the survey, Chipotle lets you enter their sweepstakes.

If you win this online contest, you deserve to get a Chipotle Burrito Card. So what are you waiting for? Just start your Chipotle Survey

There are two advantages to taking Chipotlefeedback. First of all, you can be free to talk about your experience at Chipotle does not matter your experience is positive or negative good or bad

Perhaps, you get the terrible experience there So, you need a media to convey your feedback.

That’s why Chipotle survey really cares about their guests. If the guests are difficult to share their feedback with the Chipotle manager, taking this survey helps them to easily express what they feel.

Besides, taking Chipotle Feedback survey also enables you to share your positive feedback also. Another benefit of completing the Chipotle survey is that you get a chance to win Chipotle sweepstakes.

As a reward, you will get a Burrito card. so, you can enjoy the burrito from Chipotle all the year. So, are you Interested in this offer?? If yes then Let’s check out the guideline below details.

What is Chipotle Survey?

Chipotle is an online Survey at A Chipotle Free Burrito Coupon is offered to those who take part in Chipotle Survey.

The founder of Chipotle was Steve Ells. He started this business in 1993. His father helped him and gave him a loan to begin this business at that time.

You might be thinking why we are conducting Survey? So, Chipotle Survey is just like a bridge between visitor and Chipotle which allow a user to share their opinion does not matter opinion is positive or negative.

when Customer gives their view experience then the company will know its status of success.

Chipotle Sweepstakes reward get a Burrito Card from  Survey

It’s not only a Survey there are also amazing rewards it’s not a dream you can also win. Each winner of the ChipotleFeedback survey sweepstakes will get a Burrito Card.

And this Burrito Card enables the winner to enjoy 520 Burrito. It means that you can eat Burrito for free at Chipotle for a year so, don’t miss your chance. so, win$520 from Chipotle Survey free Burrito?

Suppose if you win this contest, then you have to wait within 8 weeks to receive this amazing card. So, what are you waiting for ??

Chipotle Sweepstakes winner

Since Chipotle has 13 entry of periods, and there are 13 monthly drawing in a survey period. Furthermore, in one entry period, there will be five winners.

But Chipotle will not include your entry to next drawing if you do not win this monthly drawing etc conditions are simple without winning, you are not able for next drawing etc.

So, if you really want to achieve this opportunity, you have to enter this sweepstakes every month. The Chipotle administrator will notify all the winner through email.

Steps to take to join ChipotleFeedback Survey

It is compulsory for the participant to complete their online survey if they really want to get Free Burrito Coupon and also want to share their experience. you have to visit the official website of Chipotle at It’s not only a Survey there are also amazing rewards it’s not a dream you can also win. Each winner of the ChipotleFeedback survey sweepstakes will get a Burrito Card.

But it is necessary to follow some basics steps.              Also

Following are the steps to Fill the ChipotleFeedback Survey at

If you are a new user at Chipotle survey, then don’t be nervous, you just need to calm down. This survey is really easy to fill out. Besides, it will not need to consume your much time.

  • Step 1. Internet Require

You require a PC laptop mobile whatever you have and also a strong internet connection.

  • Step 2. Access Chipotle Survey Website.

The first thing you must do is to access the Chipotle Survey portal. The website of Chipotle Survey is at For your information, there may be two kinds of Chipotle receipt.

The first receipt contains the code of survey. And the second one may not contain any Chipotle survey invitation code. So, there is two way to start your Chipotle survey.

  • Step 3. Enter your Chipotle receipt code.

Now, you need to check your receipt. There is some code. you Then, you have to enter this code into the code portion but make sure code are correct. Usually, the length of the Chipotle receipt code is about 20 digits.

  • Step 4. if there is no receipt code.

In case your receipt does not contain the code. So, just click on the option Don’t have your receipt? Once you click the option, the website will take you to another page. The new page of Chipotle consists of some blank fields. fill out this entry, based on your visit details

  • Your Country
  •  State 
  •   City
  •  Restaurant Name
  •  Date of Visit
  •  Time of Visit

     Make sure that you enter these details correctly. After entering the details required, you can press the Next button in order to start Chipotlefeedback survey.

  • Step 5. Question session of Chipotlefeedback Survey

The topic of the survey questions is about your  Chipotle experience or the last visit .so answer all question honestly, does not matter your experience was good or bad.

Chipotle not worried about your negative views but it needs your answer to improve their services and quality.

                Also Visit:   

  • Step 6.  Chipotle online sweepstakes

After completing the Chipotle Survey. Chipotle lets you enter the sweepstakes. but now you are not restricted You are free to opt for whether you want to enter to this sweepstakes or not. If you want to enter to sweepstakes you have to submit your contact info your personal details and submit it if you are a winner then Chipotle will inform you through email. So, make sure your email is valid

Chipotle Survey  Qualification and Rules

Every company Survey has some rules so ChipotleFeedback survey Chipotle also arrange this rules. If you want to find out the official rules, you can open it at

  • Rule 1: Chipotle Survey Entrants

Some sweepstakes do not allow a user to take part if they are less than 18. But, Chipotle survey sweepstakes does not have the strict rule if you are less than 18 you can also take part in Chipotle Survey.

  • Rule 2:  Chipotle Survey Eligibility

You must have a strong Internet connection in order to take the survey. also must visit the Chipotle website.

Here entrants must be at least 13 years old. Suppose If you are less than 13 years,  then you need to ask for help from the adults around y

  • Rule 3: Legal Resident

Only the legal residents of US can enter to Chipotlefeedback survey sweepstakes. Even if you live in the District of Columbia, you still can enter the Chipotle Feedback survey.

It is because, when you win this sweepstakes, you have to present the proof as the US legal resident.


  • Rule 4: Employee of a Chipotle

The next thing if you are working at Chipotle restaurants, then you do not have any chance to participate in this sweepstakes, Also Chipotle Restrict all the staff and workers to enter the sweepstakes.

All the business partners of Chipotle are also not eligible to enter. Furthermore, the Chipotle survey is also not open to family members of Chipotle employees.

Not only employee but their family member relative are also not allowed to take part in the Chipotle Survey.

Brief About Chipotle Restaurant

Chipotle is not a new restaurant, it is especially for the Tex-Mex dish lovers. Everyone must ever hear this restaurant chain before because it’s a famous one.

For your information, Chipotle Mexican Grill is the official brand of this restaurant. But, this chain is very popular as Chipotle. The founder name of Chipotle is Steve Ells.

Chipotle restaurant established in 1993 in Colorado. The first Chipotle Mexican Grill location is next to the University of Denver. Many new Chipotle restaurants are, It means, Chipotle is growing their business very fast.

The founder of Chipotle was Steve Ells. He started this business in 1993. His father helped him and gave him a loan to begin this business at that time.

Then, he had his first restaurant name as” Chipotle Mexican Grill. The first location of the Chipotle restaurant was near to the University of Denver.

Two years later, he opened the second store of Chipotle Mexican Grill. After that, this restaurant keeps gaining success. This restaurant of Steve has grown bigger and bigger. It spreads its branches outside of Colorado as well.

In fact, we can not only find Chipotle in the US only because it is not limited to one country only. It is because now Chipotle becomes an international restaurant brand.

As its a famous restaurant. It can expand the restaurant business outside the can also find Chipotle Mexican Grill in Canada

If you live in Europe, you will also be able to find this restaurant in several countries.

Chipotle Survey Sweepstakes Methods

ChipotleFeedback Survey offers two kinds of entry methods. So, its depend upon the participants can choose the better method for them. Each has its own strengths

Entry method of Chipotle  Survey is given below.

Online Sweepstakes: The chipotle online sweepstakes is reachable after completing Chipotle feedback survey. So, to join this participant you have to reach the Chipotle survey site at chipotle but make sure that a valid receipt of Chipotle is required.

Mailing sweepstakes: Another Offline sweepstakes refers to mail-in sweepstakes. It means that you can send the sweepstakes entry by mail. This method is suitable for the entrants who do not have the Chipotle receipt. To submit the sweepstakes entry, you have to do these following steps.

First of all, you need a piece of paper. In this paper, your contact details are required. It includes the full your name. A complete address, your telephone number,

And also your email.and the next,  you have to cover this paper in a business size envelope. Now, at last, write down the destination path or address at ChipotleFeedback Sweepstakes Entry, Vibes Media, LLC 300W, Adams. 7th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60606.

How to seek for Chipotle Mexican Near Me?

First of all, you can try Chipotle navigator or you also have an option to visit Chipotle, just go to the official website of Chipotle that is

If you see Chipotle website has a feature which will ask you to fill out zip code or city then just click on “Search button” you will get some of Chipotle locator select near one from locator list.

How to get in-touch with Chipotle Customer Care Services?

Some contact detail of Chipotle is given below

 Contact through the phone:

+1 828-262-1477

 Contact through the mail: 

You can send a business letter or You can also address your letter to Chipotle Mexican Grill, 1401 Wynkoop Street, Denver Colorado 80202.

 Contact through the official site:

Just visit the Chipotle official site at Then,  you have to select the “Talk to Us menu”. After that, some page appears now write down your feedback.

Chipotle survey

Opening Hours &Timing

The Sweepstakes started: July 22, 2018,

Started time : at 10:45 a.m. & Eastern Daylight Time :  (“EDT”)ends at 11:59 pm.


I hope you like my post related to Chipotle Portal is the best place to share your experience with no hesitation. Chipotle wants to improve its services and quality with the help of customer’s feedback. Furthermore, an amazing opportunity of free Each winner of the ChipotleFeedback survey sweepstakes will get a Burrito Card.

If you want to take part in the Chipotle Survey you can also Visit at:


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