MyBKExperience is the official Website of Burger King Survey. Burger King survey is only for The Burger King Customers. Burger King Survey Giving the invitation to their customer to share their Honest feedback, and also complaints through its official website

MyBKExperience  Survey provides a Golden opportunity to get free BK Survey Whopper or Chicken Burger. Burger King wants to get customer feedback in order to improve their service and food quality.

For taking this survey you can get purchase receipt of any nearby Burger King Restaurant. And also get Burger King validation code for free Whopper. The popular thing of MyBKExperience is their burger and fries.

Both are famous because of its taste and their good services. If you are fast food lover you should also visit the official website of Burger King that is

Now let’s jump to the Burger King Survey, here full details steps and all information regarding Burger King or MKfcExperience Survey are present. For the customers, who are excited about this Burger King survey.

Here are some basic rules and regulation & requirement. There are some steps for how to complete the survey, an online survey is also available here.

In this Post, we provide All information About this survey. here the Candidate has to share their Recent Visit and Experience of Burger King.


What is MyBKExperience Program?

KFC is one of the companies who really care about customer satisfaction they also provide the survey with the aim that the company get valuable information and knowledge about the customer negative points on which they are poor.

And the customer is dissatisfied. MyBKExperience is the official Website of Burger King Survey. Burger King Survey Giving the invitation to their customer to share their loyal & Honest views feedback, and also if any complaints through its official website.

Take MyBKExperience Survey Rewards & Gifts

In Burger King Survey visitors are offered a free entry in this Burger King Survey. An amazing opportunity of free entry is offered to every contestant, as they perform the customer satisfaction survey.

Customer after completing MyBKExperience Survey get sure free Burger King validation/coupon code, write it on your receipt and lose it. The customer uses this free coupon code to get free Whopper at Burger King restaurant.

MyBKExperience Burger King Survey At

The main Purpose of this Burger King Survey is to collect a Data from their customer, to know that is they are happy or not happy with their service.

In this Burger King, Survey customer find different questions related to overall customer satisfaction. Overall experience from the entrance to the when you exit from the restaurant covers in this survey.

The customer who wants to get free Burger King Whopper. Also, Burger King had 15,738 outlets worldwide with billions of customers, AS you know Burger King is one of the best eatery locations chosen by burger and fast food lover.

Steps to Take to Join  BurgerKing Survey Survey Sweepstakes

It is necessary to complete an online guest experience Survey for those participants who wished to share their visit experience and wished to get free Burger King validation coupon code But, it is also necessary to follow some basic steps.


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Following are steps to Fill MyBkExperience Survey at

  • Step 1: Prepare your Electronic device

First of all, you can turn on your device and when you go online just type yes when you launch  this will bring you online to the official website of

  • Step 2: Visit the Mybkexperience official website

Next, visit the official website of, after access to the official website of Burger King you are welcomed to read the Privacy  & Policy and Terms of Services also Survey Authority and how Burger King Teams works.

  • Step 3: MyBKExperience  Store Number

After that, you can start the survey by just inserting 4-digit code  of Burger King Store Number and press “Start” button at but make sure you have entered it correctly else you cant take part in Burger King Survey

  • Step 4: Choose the language

Now the important part is language if you are familiar with English choose English else to choose Spanish or can change language version, in order to change your given language just click at “Espanol” button. so you can easily Change our language.

  • Step 5: Answers all questions

Different Kind of question is asked like the open end and closed end answer all question honestly and move to the next one

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  • Step 6: Provide your Details

Without this information, you can not proceed or complete your survey so make sure you have provided all correct information MyBkExperience are asked about:

  • your name
  • Provide your personal information
  • your email
  • address,
  • and also your contact detail
  • Step 7: Finish our Survey

For the rest, you can “Finish” your online survey and make sure that you don’t make the mistyping contact numbers.

  • Step 8: Saved our Validation Code

you may see the validation code appear on your screen when you finish your survey, now you are required to write it down on your receipt.

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MyBKExperience Or Burger King wants to know

  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • Cleanliness and environment
  • Staff behavior
  • Quality of food
  • Taste of food
  • Recipe
  • Customer ‘s view
  •  suggestions
  •  the negative point of Customers or visitors
  •  complaint of Customer
  • Freshness of food

MyBKExperience Burger King Survey  Qualifications and  Rules

burger king survey

There are always rules and regulation in order to complete Survey

  • Rule 1: Age limit 

First of all, if you are not reached 18 years of age you are not allowed to take part in MyBkExperience Survey.In order to take part in Survey, you must be 18 years old

  • Rule 2: MyBKExperience Survey Entry

Next, you must pay attention towards MyBkExperience Survey entry. As you know in order to enter to the MyBkExperience Survey

You have to visit MyBkExperience Survey official website that is  MyBkExperience is necessary to perform an online survey to get free Burger King Whopper.

  • Rule 3: Remember your validation code

As after completing Survey you will receive validation code do not forget else you cant claim for it.after completing the Survey you will get the free Burger King validation code.

  • Rule 4: Must Familiar with Language

Language is the most important part of Communication and understanding. If you are familiar with English, Spanish or French language then you will face no issue while taking Survey. But, when you are not familiar problem arises.

  • Rule 5: MyBKExperience’s Employees are not Allowed

The Family Members of the Burger King Employees Are also not Allowed for this BurgerKing Survey. Suppose if you are worker definitely you will give positive comments regarding Survey. But, when an outsider takes part in Survey the usually highlight issue.

  • Rule 6: only once Survey on every receipt

MyBkExperience Survey has some restriction one of them is Each contestant can perform a survey only once on every receipt.

  • Rule 7: Limited Time Period

A visitor has to take a customer survey within a limited time period after visiting the restaurant.

Limitation of the Survey

Given below Limitation of Burger King Survey are

  • The Burger King survey is making eligible to the candidates for one month only.
  • So that, you may not allow to enter the survey more than one time within 30 days of time.
  • An important thing you should make a note that MyBKexperience reward is not available for the employees
  • MyBKexperience reward is also not for the staffs’ family of Burger King.
  • if the participants have less than 13 years old, they should accompany with the parents.

Brief about MyBKExperience

  • Burger King is the world fast second-largest fast-food chain restaurants in the world.
  • With over 20,000 locations
  • over the 120 countries worldwide,
  • this chicken empire is expanding its territories everywhere and isn’t going to stop anytime soon.
  • They are also offering their customers the option to take their survey after eating there in exchange for the coupon and some free chicken

Burger King Survey Period

Some survey periods are in one year. When this time period completed or When survey period is over, it will close the survey automatically this statement means you will not be able to find any survey code on your receipt and MyBKexperience survey portal still be accessible.

 How to Seek for MyBKExperience Near me?

  • First of all, you can prepare your device and turn on your internet.
  • Then, you can just visit and also click on the “Location”.
  • Enter city or State
  • Finally, the list appears to choose one of them from the list to get the details about the Burger King locations.

How to Get in Touch with MyBKExperience Customer Care Services

Buddies! You can easily access to get in touch with Burger King Customer Service when you want to know more detail about the restaurant. In this case, you can contact the teams.

Contact timing is

every day from 7 AM to 11 PM CST.

pick your phone and call them at 1-844-576-0546.


I hope you like my post related to MyKBExperience. Portal is the best place to share them with no hesitations. BK wants to improve quality with the help of customer’s feedback. furthermore,

An amazing opportunity of free entry is offered to every contestant as they perform the customer satisfaction survey. if you have any query related to Burger King you can contact or just visit the official website.

if you want to take part in a survey you can visit at



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