Red Lobster Hospitality LLC is an American casual dining restaurant chain headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Red Lobster is a fresh fish and seafood restaurant chain founded in 1968 Red Lobster survey welcomes its customers to participate in the survey where they are free to share their genuine opinions.

It is headquartered in Florida, US, with locations worldwide Whether positive or negative, the company accepts the feedback from its customers and it tries to provide them the best dining experience by improving the products & service offerings.

All you need to do is provide your genuine feedback in Red Lobster survey. For your ease, we have provided the survey rules and requirements along with the detailed instructions. Just have a look at them before taking the survey.

What is the Red Lobster Survey?

In their effort to improve customer experience, they offer a survey for those who eat at a Red Lobster survey location.

In exchange for completing the survey, you will be entered into a drawing to win a grand cash prize of $1,000! If you don’t win the grand prize, you also have the chance to win one of 100 $50 cash prizes.

Red Lobster Management LLC today invites all of you to fill out the survey. If you do, you can start to give your Red Lobster feedback to go to the ending part of the survey.

There are a new drawing and winner every few months, see the below table for details.

redlobster survey

RedLobsterSurvey – Win $1,000 Red Lobster Sweepstakes at

  • Grand prize of $1,000 for 1 winner
  • $50 prizes for 100 winners

Just in case you have followed all steps for Red Lobster survey sweepstakes, you can get to insight into the prizes. You know, the corporation will give you the rewards in the form of $1,000 cash. For your information, the grand prize is for one lucky sweepstakes participants. And, if you don’t win, you will feel okay because you can win other prizes. Not to mention, the corporate also provides some merchandises for other participants who are lucky.


What are Red Lobster Survey Sweepstakes Qualifications and Rules?

red lobster survey

Anyway, you may start to get curious about the tips and tricks to win the prize. But, it is best for you if you pay attention to the survey qualifications and the rules. You know, not all customers are eligible to fill out the survey. Moreover, not all customers who fill out the survey can take part in Red Lobster survey. And, here are the rules:

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for RedLobsterSurvey

First, you all can start to ensure that you are eligible for being the eligible customers is a necessity. You know you all have to be 18 years old at the minimum to take part in the sweepstakes. Besides, you must also be the legal United States residents because the survey sweepstakes are not available in other states. The last, you can’t take part or win Red Lobster survey if you are the restaurant.

  • Know What You Will Need to Join Lobster Survey

In case you want to give a try to fill out the survey, you can prepare some kinds of stuff. Here, need to have a laptop or another device like a mobile phone. Yes, you all can use your device as long as it is capable of having an internet connection and the browser. You know, without the tools, you may find it hard to fill out the online survey.

  • Get the Valid Red Lobster Receipt

And then, you will also need the valid receipt if you are about to take part in the online Red Lobster Sweepstakes. Meanwhile, if you are about to take part in the offline sweepstakes, you don’t need this receipt. Yes, your receipt takes the roles to enter the survey portal. It is because you can’t take part in the sweepstakes if you don’t finish the survey.

  • Obey Red Lobster Sweepstakes Winners Rules

The last, it is about the redemptions rules when you become Red Lobster sweepstakes winners. You know, if you get your name on the winner’s list, you must submit your form. And, if you are on time, you all can claim your $1,000 prizes.

What Steps to Take to Join RedLobster Survey Sweepstakes?

You may start to find out how to take and fill out the customer survey. In this case, you all don’t need to worry because this nice article provides all the information which you need. And, here is Lobster survey step by step guidelines:

red lobster survey

  • Step 1: Go to RedLobsterSurvey Website

First of all steps, you can start to use your laptop. It is the official survey website, and you can only go to the website by going online. When you access this website, it is best for you to get your Red Lobster receipt ready. Yes, it will help you finish all the steps in an easy way.

  • Step 2: Change A Language

When you all get the official survey homepage, you now can change the language. You know, the default language of the website is English, and you can change it to be Spanish. You know, you will get the link for the Spanish language below the “Start” button. Anyway, if you are okay using English, you can start to ignore this step.

  • Step 3: Fill RedLobsterSurvey ID Number

If you have done, you can start to fill out the Red Lobster ID number. As you can guess, you will get the valid ID number on your receipt. So that you know, your receipt provides the detail which you need. And, you will find it useful to click the sample of the receipt at the survey homepage. You will get the position of the ID number, and you will find it in an easy way.

  • Step 4: Click on “Start”

Fellas! If you guess that you already fill out the proper Red Lobster Survey ID number, you have done a great job. Now, you just have to click on “Start.” And then, you all can start to get directed to the survey form.

  • Step 5: Give Ratings to RedLobsterSurvey Questions

You know that you have filled out all the requirements for the survey entry. Now, you must be able to see the survey questions. In this case, you can give your ratings toward those Lobster survey questions. For example, the survey will ask how your menu was, or the service, and other aspects. If you find those are satisfying, you must give the good ratings, and, vice versa.

  • Step 6: Leave Red Lobster Feedback

Before you end the survey, you can start to leave your feedback. For you who never take the survey before, you can start to leave suggestions. Or maybe, you all can also leave your complaints and other feedback. As it is free, you can leave the positive or even the negative comments.

  • Step 7: Earn Red Lobster Coupon Code

And then, you will get the Red Lobster validation code that you can write on your receipt. You know, it is the proof that you have finished the whole survey steps. And, for the next, you will get the chance which will allow you to take part in Red Lobster Sweepstakes program.

  • Step 8: Fill Out Your Data

The last, you can start to fill out your data as you take part in the sweepstakes. If you see, that sweepstakes page must ask you to fill out your data. In this section, you must fill out all the blank fields such as your contacts and your name.


Smart Ways to Check Red Lobster Sweepstakes Winners

Fellas, you have got the whole information when it comes to the Red Lobster survey and the sweepstakes. Right now, you can get the insight into the methods to check the sweepstakes winners. And, you will get a couple of ways. The first way, you can use your online tool to go to the official site. And, you can check the left-hand page of the homepage, and click on “Click here to view the sweepstakes winners.”

Or, you all can also send your data to request for the list of the sweepstakes winners. Yes, the data you must write is the same with the sweepstakes program, and you can send it to the same address as well. Here, you just have to write the title that is “Request for the list of Red Lobster Sweepstakes Winners.”


Brief about Red Lobster Corporate Profile

You know, Red Lobster Hospitality LLC is the long name for the restaurant. In this case, you can get the insight that Red Lobster is the restaurant chain of casual dining in America. The first restaurant was available in March 1968, Lakeland, Florida. Here, the founders are Charley Woodsby and Bill Darden, meanwhile, the CEO is Kim A. Lopdrup. You know, the corporation today has over 755 locations in the United States of America. If you guess going to headquarter is your need, you can go to Orlando, Florida.

How to Seek for Red Lobster Near Me?

Are you seeking Red Lobster locations around your place? Here, you don’t need to worry because you can search for them via online. They are:

  • Red Lobster Store Locator on Official Website

First, you all can use your gadget to go to the website that is reachable at In this case, you must be able to find the store locator or RedLobster Navigator. And, you can fill out your position such as your zip code to find the list of the nearest locations.

  • Red Lobster Near Me on Google and Map

Second, you can use your Google or Google Map and search Red Lobster Near Me. You know, from your search, you must get the various results and the filters. For the best, you can set based on the hours or ratings, and even the distance from your current position.

  • Red Lobster Locations on Red Lobster App

The last, you can also seek for some locations by using another Red Lobster store locator on your Red Lobster app. Yes, if you installed the application on your mobile phone, you can use RedLobster Navigator feature.

come visit me

Red Lobster Hours of Operation:

Red Lobster restaurants work on following hours and they may vary based on location.

  • Monday          -11 AM – 11 PM
  • Tuesday          -11 AM – 11 PM
  • Wednesday    -11 AM – 11 PM
  • Thursday        -11 AM – 11 PM
  • Friday             -11 AM – 11 PM
  • Saturday         -11 AM – 11 PM
  • Sunday            -11 AM – 10 PM


How was your Red lobster survey experience? Share your thoughts below and let us know what you thought about this survey experience compared to others.

We have first covered the survey eligibility requirements, then we have talked about the survey process. Finally, we provided over any other details and facts you’ll want to know before completing the survey and gave you some contact information for red lobster customer support.

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