(Tellwinndixie) Winn-Dixie Stores is an American supermarket chain headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Tell Winn Dixie is the legal customer or guest satisfaction survey from Winn Dixie Ad.

In this case, you will find it best to have a valid Winn Dixie Receipt to get into Www.TellWinnDixie.Com survey portal.

And, if you already get into Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience survey, you must be able to give some ratings on those Winn Dixie Survey questions. Yet, you all can also give a try to leave your Winn Dixie feedback.

Winn-Dixie store chain arranges a Winn Dixie Survey named as Tell Winn Dixie Survey at an official survey site www.tellwinndixie.com.

What is Tell Winn Dixie Survey?

Tell Winn Dixie allows taking an online survey at tellwinndixie.com. A free validation code is only offered to the survey participants who accomplish the survey successfully.

You might be thinking why should we give Winn Dixie Feedback or why should we take this online survey? So, TellWinnDixie Survey is the bridge between customers and stores which permits the way of sharing feedback and reviews.

Winn Dixie customer survey is Winn Dixie Feedback entrance that permits the customers and store buyers to share their visit experience.

Tell Winn Dixie Survey Rewards and Prizes Get the $5 Off from Winn Dixie Survey

prizes of winndixie

Completion of Winn-Dixie customer satisfaction survey offers a free Winn-Dixie coupon code worth free discount at the store at the end of guest experience survey. It does not long for the customers to complete the survey and get a free validation code.

Get Winn-Dixie survey coupon code- The Winn-Dixie Survey code will be the first thing required to enter the feedback survey site online. After submitting Tell Winn Dixie survey, you will receive $5 coupon.

This coupon discount is an appreciation for your feedback. Make sure that you write Winn Dixie coupon code on your purchasing receipt. In the next visit, you can get a 5$ discount for at least $40 transaction.

 Steps to Take to Join Tell Winn Dixie Survey Sweepstakes

It is necessary to complete an online guest experience survey for the survey participants who wished to share their visit experience and wished to get a free validation code But, it is also necessary to follow some basic steps and fulfill the requirements shown below.

In short, I suggest the users check this post and get a free validation code at the end of the customer satisfaction survey.

winn dixie survey

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Following are the Steps to Fill Tell Winn Dixie Survey at Www.TellWinnDixie.com

  • Step 1: Visit Tell Winn Dixie Survey Official Website

First, of the entire steps, you guys must know that visiting Tell Winn Dixie survey website is a must. In this case, you must grab your laptop or mobile phone and go online.

And then, you can type in TellWinnDixie.com or www.TellWinnDixie.com. Yes, these Tell Winn Dixie link addresses will bring you to the online Tell Winn Dixie survey form.

  • Step 2: Enter Tell Winn Dixie Survey Code

Now, you get Tell Winn Dixie homepage and your next job is about entering Tell Winn Dixie survey code. For your information, your code here is at the bottom part of your invoice.

Usually, it has 18 digits number and of course, you guys must enter the correct Tell Winn Dixie survey code.

  • Step 3: Respond to All Tell Winn Dixie Survey Questions

For the next, you will get some Tell Winn Dixie questions that you must respond honestly. Here, the questions asked will be about Winn Dixie services, Winn Dixie products, Winn Dixie employees, Winn Dixie locations, and so on.

When you provide the responses, it is your job to give honest answers. It is because Winn Dixie wants to know whether you get satisfaction or not from the company.

And of course, Winn Dixie wants to grow to be better for the sake of Winn Dixie customers.

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  • Step 4: Type In Winn Dixie Feedback

And then, it is your job to begin typing in Winn Dixie feedback. No doubt, you are free to share what you think about Winn Dixie store you visited.

Not to mention, you can begin typing in Winn Dixie complaints, Winn Dixie testimonials, Winn Dixie suggestions, and Winn Dixie comment as well.

As you get a limitation on the characters you enter, you must make it strict to the point and also give your information i-e your contact information or email id.

  • Step 5: Submit Your Survey and Get Tell Winn Dixie Validation Code

The last, you have completed all Tell Winn Dixie survey steps and now, you can begin to get Winn Dixie coupons code. So that you know, it is important for you to write that Winn Dixie coupon code on your Winn Dixie receipt.

Yes, this Winn Dixie coupon then will be useful for you when you do a transaction at Winn Dixie for the next shopping. You will get Tell Winn Dixie survey reward that is Winn Dixie 5 Off 40.

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Tell Winn Dixie Survey Sweepstakes Qualifications and Rules

winn dixie rules

One Winn Dixie receipt is only for one survey entry. It means, once you use Winn Dixie Survey invitation code, you cannot use it for the second time. So, make sure that you do all the Winn-Dixie survey steps completely.

  • Rule 1: Tell Winn Dixie Survey Eligibility

First, of the entire rules, you must know that all Tell Winn Dixie participants should be eligible for the survey. in this case, you must be the legal American resident who is at least 18 years old.

And also, you must not be a part of Winn Dixie employees and also Winn Dixie sponsors.

If you guess you are eligible, you can go on. But, if you think you are not, you don’t have to be sad because you can begin exploring this website. There are some articles offering you to join other survey sweepstakes with the prizes up to $15,000 cash. Wow!

  • Rule 2: Tell Winn Dixie Survey Entry

The next, you must also pay attention to Tell Winn Dixie survey entry. As you know, you must visit TellWinnDixie.com or www.TellWinnDixie.com to enter the survey.

In this case, you can only pass Tell Winn Dixie survey portal as long as you have that unique Tell Winn Dixie survey code. Yes, your survey code here is valid for one Tell Winn Dixie survey entry.

And somehow, if you wish to gain more Winn Dixie coupons, you must enter more Tell Winn Dixie surveys using other Tell Winn Dixie survey codes.

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  • Rule 3: Winn Dixie Coupon Code

Alright! The last thing is about Tell Winn Dixie validation code that appears on your laptop or smartphone screen at the end of Tell Winn Dixie survey. You know, you can save that code and treat it as Winn Dixie coupon code.

Absolutely, you can bring that receipt with the code to Winn Dixie store. And then, you can redeem it for Winn Dixie 5 off 40 discounts. Here, you must pay attention that you can use Winn Dixie coupons at any Winn Dixie locations. A

One Winn Dixie coupon is for one transaction per customer per week. Therefore, if you have three Winn Dixie coupons, you can use it in different week and store or transaction.

customer satisfaction survey

 Brief about Winn Dixie Corporate Profile

For your information, Winn Dixie is a chain of supermarket in the United States of America. You know, Winn Dixie founders are:

  • Artemus Darius Davis
  • Tine Wayne Davis
  • James Elsworth Davis
  • Milton Austin Davis
  • William Milton Davis

Yes, they are a family of Davis who built the first Winn Dixie store in 1925. Today, you can go to Winn Dixie Headquarters that is in Jacksonville, Florida. With over 41,000 Winn Dixie workers, the corporation will provide the best service for all customers.

Well, if you guess you need to get more info about Winn Dixie corporation, you can go to the Winn Dixie website. It is reachable at WinnDixie.com, and you will get Winn Dixie Ads, or maybe Winn-Dixie Pharmacy.

And also Winn Dixie Coupons. Besides, you all can also get to know more about Winn Dixie Locations, Winn Dixie Near Me, and Winn Dixie Hours as well.

How to Seek for Winn Dixie Near Me?

Are you seeking for Winn Dixie locations? Well, it is going to be good news as you can try to go online and seek for those Winn Dixie locations which you want. Not to mention, they are:

  • Winn Dixie Store Locator on Winn Dixie Official Website

First of all, you can give a try to use Winn Dixie navigator or Winn Dixie store locator. Yes, you are going to need to go to www.WinnDixie.com website.

If you see, the website has the feature which will ask you to fill out your zip code or the city. And then, when you click on the search button, you will get some of Winn Dixie locations which you want.

  • Winn Dixie Near Me on Google and Map

Second, you can also try to seek for Winn Dixie Near Me on Google search engine or Map. Here, you must try to choose some filters such as Winn Dixie reviews, Winn Dixie hours, or even Winn Dixie ratings.

Also, you will get a filter measuring the distance from your current position. No doubt, it will help you to seek the locations based on your preference.find winn dixie

How to Get in Touch with Winn Dixie Customer Care Service?

Phone: 1-866-946-6349

By mail: If you prefer writing a letter to Winn Dixie, you can send it to Winn Dixie Customer Support. The address is PO BOX Jacksonville, FL 32203 0297. If you send your inquiries by letter, you have to be patient in waiting for the response. It may take a longer time to receive the reply from Winn Dixie

Open Hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Saturday 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Sunday- Closed

Website: www.tellwinndixie.com


I hope you like my post about Winn Dixie survey. If you have any query about the survey you can comment below here in the comment section. Please do share your suggestion to improve our quality of service and information.

If you want to take part in the survey you can visit at www.tellwinndixie.com.


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